“Outstanding. Very important for all members of State Police, Law Enforcement and EMS to get this knowledge.”
“Extremely knowledgeable instructor gave simple procedures and information that can be easily applied and remembered.” 
“I will be better prepared in a Mass Casualty Event.” NJ State Police Officers, 2017


     Ted Westmoreland served 23 years in the US Army with over 18 years in Special Operations. He has deployed numerous times to conflict areas and has served in positions of great responsibility involving the planning and execution of global missions.  Westmoreland has first hand experience with responding to mass casualty incidents and is a gifted communicator and professional educator who is driven to share lessons learned and key insights into better equipping individuals and organizations for readiness, response and resilience in the face of crisis.

    Westmoreland gained first hand experience planning for and responding to mass casualty incidents and had to respond both with and without modern equipment over the course of his career.  He has spent over 25 years training himself and others in advanced skills and none are more important than those that enhance modern survival.  His driving passion is to share practical insights from lessons learned operationally and in training with others so that they can be better equipped and prepared to respond to modern disaster events.


  • Outcome-Based Training Strategies 

  • Mass Casualty Incident Management

  • Organizational Resilience Planning

  • Active Shooter & Blast Responses 

  • Enhancing Survival Outcomes during Disaster Events

  • Individual & Organizational Resilience




  • FBI National Academy 

  • HARVARD Faculty Physicians

  • RIVERSIDE California 

  • SouthEAStern Regional Trauma Conference

  • Department of Defense

  • New Jersey State Police

Experience matched by professionalism.